HIPAA Compliance

The HIPAA legislation has had significant amendments since its inception in 2003. AK Medical was there from the being and has modified our programs accordingly to keep you compliant.

The Patient HIPAA Awareness form (the only form the patient needs) has been changed several times to accommodate social media, texting, and emails.

The same also hold true for the Workforce confidentiality Agreement for employees, with the advent of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat) major revisions were recently adding to keep you the employer safe from potential breaches of confidentiality.

We have a 24/7 hotline for HIPAA questions that may arise. It’s comforting to know you have a legal expert only a phone call, email or text away to get an answer on privacy questions that can happen in your office at any time, at no additional charge.

How we accomplish compliance

AK Medical Services, LLC will conduct a mock audit of your office.  This audit will cover all aspects of HIPAA. We will evaluate front office check-in/out procedures, clinical areas, medical records, business office protocol, personnel, and business associate’s agreements. This again is accomplished through our website.

Much like the OSHA program, you will receive a client id and a login, you simply follow along with me and your new HIPAA binder and in ½ you are compliant.

This video can be viewed as many times as necessary and of course, is a must for all new hires.

Your customized binder can be delivered overnight if necessary, for more information contact:

Jim Lease
Email oshaman1@comast.net
Cell 914-497-1353
Fax 772-345-5840